Wanderers and adelaide draw in a league play-off at Yarrabod

Wanderers and adelaide draw in a league play-off at Yarrabod. Getty Images 13/9 Advertisers and advertisers buy up ads on TV and radio, attracting fans to watch their sport more than ever. 13/9 The Football League becomes the biggest market in the country after it signs a television rights deal to broadcast live matches on Sky Sports. Getty Images 14/9 Cricket and softball dominate the top eight after a host of sports fans flock to America to follow the sport. Getty Images 15/9 Footballers make a mark with goals on debut as Arsenal beat Newcastle 2-1 in the FA Cup. Getty Images 16/9 Footballers celebrate winning a hat trick with Danny Welbeck in the EFL Cup as Chelsea win the League Cup title. Getty Images 17/9 Fans mark the day by taking part in the annual ‘Goals to Glory’ event and the FA Cup final. Getty Images 18/9 Major League Soccer sets up a £100 million stadium with new stadium in Toronto to host matches. Rex Features 19/9 One of the world’s biggest soccer stars – and a great man – Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the first footballer to w화천출장샵ear the number eight shirt during the Champions League football final as Real Madrid beat Juventus 1-0 in울산출장마사지 the quarter final. Getty Images 20/9 One of the most beloved television shows, Seinfeld, comes to a close after four seasons in a half. Rex Features 21/9 John Cleese and Jerry Seinfeld leave their iconic TV show behind as they join the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Getty Images 솔레어 카지노22/9 The first ever double-amputee football match, featuring footballers Joe Royle, Frank Gifford and Gary Lineker, is played during a semi-final of the Second Division, The FA Cup. Rex Features 23/9 The first live television broadcast of Manchester City v Arsenal takes place at Old Trafford in May 1969, in the League Cup, beating the reigning champions by a whisker, 5-2. Rex Features 24/9 The world’s first real-life horse racing event is held in Sydney in 1884. Rex Features 25/9 The Rugby World Cup is held every four years between 20 August and 6 November from 11 August and 4 November. Rex Features 26/9 The World Cup final is held every four years between 14 September and 2 December, but the game between France and Italy in 1970 is played on 3 June in Germany. Getty Images 27/9 The first real-life hockey match, held in Dallas from 26 August 1953, pits the USA against the Soviet Unio