Safe food chief wants review of gm food label

Safe food chief wants review of gm food label

The Greens leader has demanded a review of a food label under review after a child was found to be sick after eating a bag of gm meat wrapped in a foil wrapper.

The National Farmers’ Union said a case report showed a one-year-old boy from the community in New Zealand had been expo에그 벳sed to gm meat when he was aged six.

After being prescribed gm food for a cold, the toddler developed severe pneumonia. He later died.

After the child was identified the food safety officer was contacted and a full investigation followed.

Mr Hanson said the Greens and the NZ Food Authority should consider a fresh review of the food label issue.

NFA chairman Mark Taylor is also a member of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of New Zealand (FSSANZ).

« While it would be wrong for any세종출장마사지 government not to review the Food Standards legislation, I will now move to bring the issue into Parliament, » Mr Hanson said.

« Th포커is is an issue that has been a problem with gm foods for some time.

« The FSSANZ can review gm foods within reasonable guidelines, but the Government, as currently constituted, has no power to act in the interests of citizens. »

Mr Taylor said the issue was well understood in New Zealand and was now being reviewed.

« Foods that have been developed from processed foods, and processed foods are gm foods, are designed to be eaten raw for consumption and can do so in Australia. They may also contain other components like preservatives that can change food safety, » he said.

« However the standards for raw meats are designed to be food safety standards, which means that if a food is not in the approved standard, there is a risk that its production will be restricted, resulting in a higher risk of food safety problems and so on. »

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