Jordanian tv airs militants confessions

Jordanian tv airs militants confessions.

ISIS members of the caliphate are also being tortured and executed for their « treachery »더나인카지노 according to Human Rights Watch.

According to a leaked video, an ISIS detainee, known as Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, tells his interrogators that if he is brought to a Muslim school, the teachers will treat him like an animal, but if he is brought to a Christian school, he will be saved, and if he is brought to an Islamic school, he will be shot. « But they’re not here for us. We’re all like dogs, » he says.

The release of this video has come just four weeks after a second video was released of a Jordanian pilot being tortured by ISIS after a military base where he was in custody was stormed by ISIS militan수원출장안마ts.

« We cannot rule out the성남출장안마 성남출장마사지 possibility that another is coming, » said the Christian Post. « Is [the first] one a fake video? No, but there are reasons for suspicion. »