Dpi urges caution over record cropping predictions for next year

Dpi urges caution over record cropping predictions for next year


Australia’s weather bureau says its data for the third quarter is still화천안마 very much subject to changing weather patterns.

The bureau has been predicting severe weather from May to October which would cause widespread bushfires, flooding and drought across Australia.

Its latest forecast said there would be three more « severe » weather events in 2017 and this would continue to be repeated to the end of the century.

Chief scientist Rob Davis said the forecast could easily be wrong.

« We could see some of these severe events coming, obviously it’s going to be a little bit tougher for us to have a good sense of who they are going to be, » he said.

« It’s really a matter for our experts to go out and make these predictions on top of this weather stuff.

« But our assessment at this point is that what we know about climate systems is fairly well enough, it’s still a pretty consistent piece of information. »

Professor Davis also warned about the threat of « terrestrial volcanic activity » on the Gippsland coast, which is usually quite dry and dry year round.

He said a number of studies had indicated this could happen, but it was not a reliable data source.

« Our confidence from the modelling that we do in this area is based not on some kind of satellite picture, but on what has happened during the last 10 years, » he said.

« We did see some kind of a change in how these phenomena sort of w포커 룰ork. »

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