This Prof organized an internet degree at the Hochschule Harz. Main content.

had been scheduled to start in mid March of teaching in the university resin Basically, but all lectures and seminars have been canceled. Exactly where else about 3,000 students study it really is quiet. But soon the teaching is usually to stroll again – on the web: Professor Thomas Leichhardt developed an how to cite a paraphrase online course for its students


The library, the cafeteria and gymnasium, lecture halls and seminar rooms are closed and deserted. It need to basically run for weeks of teaching in the university resin should study texts and discuss projects ready and implemented, theses should be written.But to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the start off from the semester was postponed for all colleges and universities on April 20. « At the moment we usually do not know even know if we can commence with classroom sessions, or whether or not we get started with on the internet events, » mentioned the rector in the university resin, Prof. Folker Roland, in an details video on the present scenario. Conceivable can also be to create a pure on the net service.

Over the internet Lectures: planning, filming, cut.At precisely one such on-line video offering functions Professor Thomas corpse. The organization data has already recorded twenty hours lecture material in his house office and uploaded to an internal platform of your university resin. Now about 500 students on the department can access it. Videos for turning and cutting has taught corpse itself:This needless to say is one thing that I by no means discovered. So I had to now deal only when. Respect to all YouTuber that make on a regular basis. The final videos are superior.

Prof. Dr. Thomas corpse.Typically perceived trifles the largest hurdles told corpse. About: Exactly where can get quickly a very good microphone? He had triggered Schwitzattacken program administrator, as if he had calculated how much space necessary his videos he says. A video lasts 90 minutes – provided that a standard lecture lasts. The memory concerns had now been resolved. The many departments of your university inside the exchange program, to ensure that all over the internet services benefit.Leichhardt says the on line courses have the clear disadvantage that direct feedback is missing: « . So if something’s eyes go up, or shakes a head and also you can see that they’ve not understood anything » To compensate for the university resin is planning video conferences in which students can ask their queries. A similar tool is already getting tested, in accordance with Professor corpse. « Then we are able to answer this frown-phase anyway. »In the university resin around three,000 students have enrolled for this summer time semester. Most of the students is one of the program Tourism Management – about 450. Around the campus in Halberstadt management sciences are located on campus in Wernigerode is taught and conducted analysis in economics, laptop science and automation


Access for students from around the world. »I also have students that are possibly not permitted to enter Germany, » says corpse. learn at Harz University students from numerous countries – which includes from Morocco, Brazil, India and Colombia. Given the numerous time zones, it should be a challenge to organize video conferences in which all students can participate. As a application engineer, he had the benefit of being already accustomed to conferences across many time zones, says Thomas corpse.The corona crisis affecting the force, investigation and teaching at colleges and universities in Germany sustainable. Corona is really a tremendous driver for the digitization, says corpse: « We have previously currently had some video lectures, but they had been just exceptions Now they are without exception – has provided approach to one particular hundred percent. ».

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