Houses lost in grampians as wind chnage fans flames from house on fire

Houses lost in grampians as wind chnage fans flames from house on fire

DAMASCUS: At least two houses have been destroyed by fire in eastern Ghouta district of Damascus after a gust of wind swept across a field carrying oil, forcing people to flee the area.

The blaze broke out early on Tuesday after heavy heavy rains killed trees and caused a windchill factor of more than 50 degrees Celsius.

The area has been under an emergency law since August, after a series of intense bombings by Islamist militants from the northern part of the country.

The government has blamed the attacks on groups fighting under the banner of the Islamic State group.

A report by local health officials had said there had been 20 deaths in the district since July, when Syrian arjarvees.commy troops captured a key oil field north of Damascus.

Local officials said the death toll from the blast, in which two other houses were destroyed, rose to at least 30, although official figures were not immediately available.

Munawwar and the head of the opposition activist group Ma’an TV said there were fears the entire district was going to burn down.

Munawwar said the area where the explosion took place was near the al-Shaar oil field, whose owner has since been killed, but that it could not confirm whether the blast was linked to the field’s collapse, saying only that it was an isolated event.

Witnesses said the field collapsed soon after the explosion, sending up a plume of black smoke which continue바카라사이트d to burn for about half an hour before suddenly dissipating.

« This is a gas explosion, » Munawwar told Reuters. « This is a huge gas leak, one of the main ones of the revolution. »

An official in al-Shaar said an explosion had also taken place at a field, which had also been damaged. The owner of the field, who was not identified, has been killed and others have fled for safety.

Tension in the area has soared after weeks of fighting between pro- and anti-government forces, which has left scores dead and thousands displaced.

Residents said earlier that the blast could be the work of armed opposition groups.

Heavy-armed fi더킹카지노ghting erupted across Syria on Monday with pro-government fighters launching suicide car bomb attacks in two eastern towns, and the government said it had taken a major step towards seizing the strategic al-Hajar dam.

« Huge » amounts of oil had been destroyed, Homs governor Wafaa a